28 December 2007

Christmas Eve Countdown 2007 @Danga Bay

hoh!really lazy using chinese to write the blog...so this time let me eat snake ar...i use my broken english!hehe!don beat me ok?and don vomit blood also!!hehe

i never join any countdown activities before...mayb too young gua..my parents don let me go out at nite!but this yr...wakaka...different woh!!i can go for the countdown..so happy!!!

and most important is...mz find someone to drive la..im so lazy to drive..my mum also don let me drive to town 1...sad...

luckly my fren got car..so he drive lo~include him...4ppl heading to danga bay lo!
reach there near 11.30pm..coz traffic jam...=.="

fast fast go eat our "dinner" 1st...then we are no dare to join the "young" ppl party there...coz they hand got some things(i dunno tat call wat),tat things after spread on ur body...ur body will bcome 粘粘...i don wan la!!

then we stay at foodcourt wait for the firework show lo!suddenly heard...bam!!bam!! sound..wow!!firework started!!!faster go watch...forgot bring the camera but using my hp take the video no nice...so only use my frens hp lo~then transfer to me!!let share the firework show lo!!^^

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